Sensations are the details that make up the story of our life.

Fama, an evolving story.

We have been international since birth, we have made our vocation explicit in the name. Immediately. Fama was born in 2000 as a manufacturer of accessories but soon discovers its true vocation, to innovate in tradition.
The world has always been our market, we are permanently present in 25 countries around the world.
We have a constant growth trend and a constantly expanding product range, from 2020 we further expand our product range with prestige lines and lighting systems.

Our Philosophy

The material, the tactile sensation, the harmony of beauty guide us in every choice.

We ponder every decision, define every shape and we do it respecting the metal; forged with ancient techniques, worked by master goldsmiths, finished with maniacal care, it is the genesis of every project. Each Fama Design product is the perfect synthesis between love for tradition and drive for innovation.

Our values.

Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote: beauty will save the world.

This is the driver of our every gesture, the tension of our every thought, the path we follow, the light that guides us.

Each object we create is born from a spasmodic search for beauty, from the choice of materials, to the finishing processes, which give each of our products a unique quality, because it itself is pure hedonistic pleasure.

Quality and research come first.

We subject each of our products to very strict quality tests and verifications, from the purity of the raw material, to functionality tests, to the excellence of the finishes, nothing is left to chance.

No product is boxed and shipped unless it first passes our quality control, because for us excellence is not an exception but a standard.

Our products.

Whether they are handles, knobs, furniture accessories or lighting fixtures, it doesn't matter. Our lines have unique characteristics, from hand-sculpted ones like Atelier Lebee and Gaudium to numerically controlled ones, like the Artwork series, piece by piece, all of which share the supreme quality of materials and workmanship.
Those who choose Fama do so for the Italian design, for the prestige, for the quality of the materials, for the feeling that we know how to embed in each of our products.

A matter of safety.

All our products are strictly Made in Italy, from raw materials to processing, from finishing processes to packaging. We carefully select materials and suppliers, we ensure a certified and traceable supply chain from the first to the last processing step.
Each of our products is also treated with an antibacterial finish which, thanks to a specific silver ion paint, guarantees a reduction of bacterial proliferation of more than 99% compared to an untreated surface.

At the customer's service.

We at Fama know well that the word impossible does not exist. We are able to satisfy orders for even one piece, develop projects in partnership with the customer, prototype and verify the processing of an idea in a very short time.
Customer satisfaction is one of our absolute goals and on this we base the centrality of our work.
Whoever turns to Fama knows that he will be able to obtain the product he has designed in the most suitable finish, all strictly produced in Italy.



"We think in general,
but we live in the details. "

Whatever types of questions you'll have,
feel free to get in touch with us!

Our Contacts


Via Cerreto 3/F - 25079 Vobarno (BS)


+39 0365 895952


Feel. Touch. Live.


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